Team 2052 KnightKrawler, Carson Division: Robot Reveal Redux + Regionals Recap

With FIRST World Championships less than a week away, Team 2052 KnightKrawler is proud to present its 2016 award-winning robot: Termite. This video is one of the best videos we have ever made, both in quality and content. Just to tangibly reiterate what is presented in the video, here’s our robot capabilities:

  1. 40+ autonomous modes, most of them crossing a defense and shooting into the high goal via motion profiled paths
  2. Low bar capabilities, as well as the ability to pass over many defenses with ease, including but not limited to the cheval de frise and portcullis
  3. High goal and low goal scoring, with vision processing for precise accuracy, and a range to shoot and score from the outer works
  4. Arc of shots clears a 54-inch blocker
  5. Ten wheels. 6-wheel pneumatic drive train and two wheels on each side to help us go over the moat

Termite will be competing in the Carson Division at FIRST World Championships in St. Louis later this week. Good luck to all fellow competing teams. Feel free to leave questions/comments below. :slight_smile:

Very nice video and robot!
Good luck at championships!

How in the world is 2052 not known that much I wonder sometimes in the FRC community… these guys have made stellar robots for the past couple of years and have been progressing on the outreach aspect of their team as well! Good luck in the Carson division 2052! I hope you guys get the recognition you guys are looking for at worlds this year.

Jajabinx124 did a great job in the video. I just love your team’s videos.

Good luck this weekend! I’ll hopefully get to catch a stream of some of your matches.

How’d you guys figure that one out? :smiley: I think the whole crowd was shocked when you scored over 5996’s blocker.
You guys built an amazing robot this year and your Chairman’s win shows that you’ve built an amazing team over the past 10 years. I can’t wait to see how you guys do in St. Louis. It was nice to help break your finals streak this year :rolleyes:

At around 50 seconds when we show off our autonomous, you’ll notice we shoot over a blocker we have set up close in front. That blocker is 54 inches :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the compliments :smiley: Your team isn’t too shabby either. :rolleyes:

I still remember being on an alliance with them before they really “hit it big” in 2013-- they’ve been building some of the best robots in Minnesota for a long time, and Termite certainly lives up to its predecessors.

Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

Haha thanks, but I think most if not all of the credit should go to Luke (TheMilkman01) for filming/editing this video.

We barely managed to shoot over 5996’s blocker. That one shot we skimmed the top of it and made it in somehow haha. I do believe 5996’s blocker was a bit above 54’ because the robot inspectors gave them some leeway when inspecting them. Anyway it was a pleasure to face 4536 again at 10k and I’m glad you guys received a wildcard. Also congrats on the deans-list finalist award at 10k. Best of luck in the Carver division!

I know that TheMilkman01 is the videographer and deserves a lot of credit for the video. I just thought your narration was outstanding. Just getting a good look at Termite shows that 2052 is loaded with talent.

Great robot from the best team in MN on and off the field. Congrats on a great season 2052, and I’m hoping you guys can make it even better at Champs.

In the video process, there are a number of variables to consider when trying to achieve narration that will work. While I can claim credit for nudging jajabinx124 in the right direction, giving him guidance, and editing it in a way that makes him come off the most professional, I cannot claim credit for his actual words or persistence when filming to get that quality take (it took over an hour or so before we were able to finally get the final takes which you see in the video.) Additionally, he was easy to work with and understanding when I gave him direction.

Video making is very much a team effort, dependent on the director and his subject. If they work together, as we did, it shows. I’m thankful jajabinx124 was willing to try and narrate the robot for this video (finding people willing to be on camera can be someone of a task in robotics), and I must say, he absolutely killed it. Though we had a few rough patches in recording, or, as he put it, rough terrain, we managed to squeeze out a quality product and I’m glad you enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

There are so many great teams coming up in Minnesota! Yet year after year I await to see what 2052 will come up with - and this year did not disappoint at all. From the moment we saw this team perform at their Week Zero event, I was amazed.

Hope to play against you guys in St Louis - and look forward to seeing you again at the MSHSL State Tournament!

Good Luck and see you in St. Louis!

P.S. Of the teams that attended the CenturionKrawler Week Zero event, 6 are attending Champs this week - 2052, 2175, 2846, 3130, 3926, and 4607. Obviously you are doing something right with this event!

Thanks! Playing against you guys in St. Louis would be surreal… :rolleyes:

As far as Week 0 goes, it’s a great opportunity for everyone to contrast, compare, and improve their robot in a way that they haven’t been able to the past five weeks. Add the fun, exciting competition vibes to it while still keeping it local and close-knit, and it’s a great time! Personally, I love Week Zero because it feels almost like a family reunion each year, getting to catch up with other teams and hang around robotics friends from other teams… it’s good stuff and fun to film.

Went on a bit of tangent there… hehe, oh well. Anyway, good luck to you guys in St. Louis, too! It’d be great to see another Minnesota team make it to Einstein for the second year in a row! :smiley:

Awesome robot and awesome video!
Best of luck in St. Louis (and at State). I expect you guys to go far!

Great machine. The way the harvester slides out before you shoot looks really cool.

Looking forward to being your pit neighbors on Carson tomorrow.