Team 2052 KnightKrawler Robot 2017: Hornet

Here is our reveal video from Robotics Premiere Night.

Our robot has a 6-wheel west coast drivetrain, capable of two speeds, an actuated gear mechanism, and a two barrel shooter. Hornet also has consistent gear autos with motion profiling and two-dimensional robot pathfinding during autonomous with vision tracking for the lifts. Finally, it also has a climber that will be debuted at the Lake Superior Regional in Duluth, March 2-4. Good luck to all teams!

Nice robot as usual.

Nice job 2052. See you at the Lake Superior Regional.

Wow, don’t you guys normally do mecanum?

They made it to Einstein their first year not doing mecanum… I doubt they go back to mecanum.

Although our intake was mecanum :).

Mecanum didn’t work for us this year because it might slip and the autonomous wouldn’t be as accurate during every match.

After 2016’s beautiful auto modes, there was no going back to mecanum I think for them this year. Don’t doubt that they won’t though… Silverfish isn’t forgotten over there yet…