Team 2052 KnightKrawler Robot Reveal Video: Mantis

Here is our Robot Reveal Video! Make sure to watch until the very end in order to see our end game strategy!!

Our robot this year, named Mantis, has a six wheel tank drive, an intake that can pick up the cube from any orientation, and an elevator that can lift the cube to different heights, including the exchange, the switch, the scale at every height, and everywhere in between. At the end of the match, two robust, sturdy ramps are deployed to allow two other teams to be leveled out at 12 inches off of the ground (as seen at the end of our reveal video!) Mantis has multiple auto routines from a variety of starting positions and score on the scale and the switch.

Mantis will be competing at both the Lake Superior Regional, March 8-10, and the Medtronic Foundation Regional, March 29-31 this year!

Good luck to all teams!