Team 2052 Logo

Took me a long time to make this. Hows it look?

it has an excessive use of bevels and gradients… im not sure that i like it.
the lack of your team name is concerning
the bevels are uneven and too sharp in some areas

meh… it is good but very scessive. if you tone it down a bit and make it simpler (like a logo should be) then it would be very good. great concept, wrong way to convey it.

I think it is an awesome web-based logo. I believe that the gradients and bevels, and even to some extent the sharp edges could be integrated into an award winning web-page theme. The unevenness gives it a very nice organic feel, and the lighting effects that you made with shadows/accents on the legs and face of the thing are very well done.


Uber was right in that if you are planning on using this in a printed publication, you are going to need to make a simpler version, about 3-4 colors is what most companies look for in a design. That way it can be reproduced on say… a business card… without breaking the bank.

Overall, very good work. One thing to keep in mind for future designs, however, is that bevels and gradients are great for realism or web design, but you want to steer clear of them for most print applications.

I could not have said it better myself.
Perfect for a web page , flows really nice.
But for logo and tshirts, cards, etc simple is best

Looks very nice. As it has been said, it would work nice as a show off logo or webpage but not to well for a shirt. Its a good logo though.

I"m not an artist but I think it looks really cool. Love the blue eyes

They were right about needing the team name in the logo. One of the things I learned last year as a rookie was that sometimes you were known better by your team name than you number. (we forgot to put our team number on our shirts) For instance I knew we wanted to be picked by The Pink Team but I didn’t know their number till later. I can tell you that the ThunderChickens were in the finals last year but couldn’t have told you what number they were.

Most people know us by Exploding Bacon, not 1902.

Branding yourself is an important thing. You might want to consider how you will integrate this design into T-shirts, give-a-ways and other things as well

Anyway thats my two cents.

If you are trying to convey
KnightKrawlers = intimidating, not to be messed with, strong - you get an A+

I understand what Cody and everyone is saying about the different logo uses and applications. One thing I would encourage as you ‘modify’ it, is to keep the shape you have developed. I can think of a million things you can do with that shape. It is wonderful.


Exactly right, all you need to do is reduce the color levels… later I’ll post an example. The logo can stay almost exactly the same.

I love it… and I’m an artist. It’s been said already but to make it a useable logo on shirts and stuff, take out the background gradient and the rest of the shadows, replace the “Team 2052” with something like “KnightKrawlers 2052.”

Would be a killer webpage header logo though. Good job.

Thanks for all the advice. Heres the final full design:

And as for the T-Shirt and stuff, I used the Pen tool and traced over everything and made a low res. version. Hows this look?

that thing looks sweet. I like the newer version better though.

I’m as addicted to gradiants as anyone else but when I took graphic design in college one thing that was stressed to me when designing a logo is that it needs to look as impessive on a 3x5 business card as it does on a billboard.

the new logo is impressive and integrates colors very well. I think it was a big step in the right direction when you guys made that T-shirt design one too. But, i would suggest making the team name (and maybe number too) a more sharp contrast to the background. If a picking team is looking for you and cant find your pit, thats frusrating. If someone hears that you need a part, but has to ask pit admin where you are, thats frustrating. Team name/number is the thing that should be easiest to remember, and the logo is a supplement to that.

The newest versions are absolutely amazing. The color choice in the new web-logo give a more… open feel, and the color reduction was well done. Keep in mind that you can add accent lines with the colors that you are using, like a mouth line with the maroon color, or those dark freehand accents on the “wings” with the darker grey you used for the head…

Awesome job, and I am looking forward to seeing a lot more from you in the future :slight_smile:

The new version is awesome. What did you create this in?

Looks great. Good job.

They look nice. But the tshirt logo still has 7 colors. That can get expensive if the company charges you extra per color.

Awesome, it really shows off you technical abilities. Definately a cool thing to put all over a site.

However, alot of people just laugh at the photoshop gradient tool.
The ‘cut out’ version doesn’t capture the same look as the original design did, so here’s my suggestion:

Redraw the robot at a dynamic angle, maybe at a top/side view while looking up. Also, do some shading within the lineart. Basically, get a paper/pencil illustration and ink it in illustrator, slap some solid colors on it, and you’ll have something perfect for t-shirts.

That’s my two cents. Very cool overall!!