Team 2052 Mascot costume

ok so I have an idea for a mascot costume for the team I’m on. It’s going to be like a futuristic Knight or something. I will wear this at the U of M competition. Here’s a list of what I want it to look like initially:

-Gloves: they will look like the gloves that Rinzler from Tron Legacy wears
-Mask: Looks like the one the Abraxas virus in Tron Evotution wears
-Hooded Cloak: Also like the one Abraxas wears (basically a long, floor length cape with a large hood)
-Sword: I made a wooden sword that looks like the Energy Sword from HALO 2
-Flag: Hopefully we will make our own flag for the competition, I probably won’t be carrying it around with me)

If someone could render that on a computer with a drawing program or photo shop, I would be very happy.:slight_smile:

UPDATE: the mascot costume will be based off of the Hacker RIG from Dead Space 2. This has fewer components (clothing items) to it, and is visually easier to build then my previous concept. I will still have the sword with it.