Team 2052 New Website

Team 2052 just launched their new website a couple of days ago. Check it out ad tell us what you think!

Great looking website. I love all the animations and sliders. Was this developed from scratch or from a theme? The fluid width is nice for different screen resolutions. I haven’t checked on different browsers/computers, but you may want to make sure it has at least basic functions on those as well.

If I looked at this website knowing nothing about FIRST, I would be a little confused. Incorporate FIRST into your website (use their logo and link on the home page)! Also make sure that people know what you are (team number- I had to go back to the home page to see this) and where you’re from (the city you’re from in Minnesota.)

The sponsors look nice, but could each picture go to their website as well?

Overall amazing website. A lot better than most of the ones I’ve seen. It’s a bit laggy on my computer though, maybe clean up your code so it can be a bit more responsive.

I agree. Overall, very nice website. What platform do you use? Is it from scratch?

It was a bit laggy on my side as well. It could be just the high number of AMAZING! animations.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

The site is built on Wordpress and we are using the Salient theme.

Great website guys!

Looks great, I loved the sliders. For wordpress did you have to install any plugins to get the sliders, or were they included in your theme? The only thing I noticed that I wasn’t a fan of is the load time, but that may be my internet.

All of the sliders are included in the theme. We are working on getting the site to load faster.

I second that: from what I was able to see of the site - it looks very good. However, loading time is painful.

It looks great! Although some of the text gets cut off by the sliders (though my computer might just be derping)