Team 2052 Season Recap and Bloopers Video

Here’s the Season Recap:

Here’s the Bloopers Video:

Team 2052 KnightKrawler had a great year and we’d thought we’d share the best – and the funniest – moments with you. Enjoy :3

It is amazing what 2052 is doing here in MN. Your media productions are on a completely different level from what every else is trying to do. I am completely amazed at how great your videos are and the quick turnaround times that you publish them!

I cannot speak for the rest of Minnesota ( :wink: hutchmn), but for us at 4607, Knightkrawler is the team that we are trying to catch… every dang season. We do love facing you guys as it tests our mettle - but we would feel better about it if we could find a way to beat you - maybe next year!

2052 is a class act and a very polished team. From my vantage point the best that Minnesota has to offer - and that says a lot considering the talent in our state.

Congrats on a great season - I cannot wait to see what you churn out next season!

Always Great to see more quality content from team 2052. I just about died when the knightkrawler can’t kill a knightkrawler and then a boxelder bug becomes a termite.

Thats a great duo by the way.

The season Recap video is also great.

Also I appreciate Chief Hedgehog’s comment about Team 2502 Alum, Hutchmn, not to mention agreeing with him that you guys are the team to become in MN.

Hehe, thanks for the kind words. They’re much appreciated :smiley:

On a side note, It’s always a pleasure working with Kshitij (jajabinx124) whom I was paired with in the video during that boxelder bug scene. Sad to see him go as this was his senior year.

Great season recap video! Entertaining and not too long!

2:18 in the blooper video(which was also entertaining)…doesn’t the human player need that!!! :ahh:

You guys were awesome this year. It was a pleasure to meet you guys on Carson this year, and I’ll be keeping my eye out for you all next year. Congrats on the division win, and see you guys at IRI!