Team 2053 Shooter Prototyping

Hey man nice shot :cool:

OOPs too hard. :ahh:

Sweet launcher design you got there! Too bad that light didn’t fair so well…

I feel bad for the light. But sweet shooter.::ouch::

Just curious, what elastic material did you use to store the potential energy?

My team (4265) prototyped our catapult to use a bent steel rod, sorta like a jai alai scoop because it allowed us to control the ball better than the 80/20 will, and it is a lot lighter.

We have been using the standard surgical tubing available. But it’s a prototype, so it’s undergone some iterations looking at different tubing and springs as well.

It’s just a prototype, so 80/20 was easy and we had pieces that size laying around. Not sure yet what the final system will employ for materials.
We were mostly trying to ascertain the correct amounts of force, lever arm lengths, release points, force application method, and retract/release system, etc. Learned a lot and still working on it though - it changed a lot today.

I don’t feel too bad for the light - it needed to be dusted off anyway, apparently :rolleyes: