Team 2054 Perfect Solo Auton

This previous weekend 2054 competed at the Kentwood District competition in Michigan. After spending numerous hours working on autonomous we got it to work reliably for the competition.

Our autonomous collects the three yellow totes and stacks them and then picks up the three recycling containers. We had some issues early on in the competition but the programming team worked on it and got it working reliably.

Special thanks to our alliance partners in eliminations, 3620 The Average Joes and 4482 Intelligent Design. It was fun to play team up with you guys for the Kentwood competition.

Post any thoughts or comments.



Thought: Yes, your solo auton is reliable. It was a pleasure to watch your team perfecting it on the practice field. Your robot is also a consistent stack builder – this combination is the stuff #1 picks are made of.

Comment: Thanks again for joining our alliance at Kentwood.

Absolutely love it. What did you do with the 3 containers once you pick them up?

#Team28PointAuton or #Solo28PointAuton ?

They set outside 2 containers down, noodle is placed in center container at feeder station and the tote stack begins :slight_smile:

This is awesome.

Do you consistently get all the RCs fully in the auto zone for the RC set? It is hard to tell from this camera angle, but the RCs look like they are over the line.

Yes, they are in the zone and they are reliable. As mentioned, they had programming challenges on first day of competition but by Saturday morning, 2 of the 3 qualifying matches were 28 points autonomous. The other match was only 20 points because didn`t hook second container. In eliminations, they still were doing 28 autonomous, not sure how many.

And no tether needed. Well done.

I had to go back over the videos but of the 8 matches we did from quarter finals on we did 5 full 28 point Auto’s and 2 twenty point ones because of missing the last recycle bin and one (Finals 2) where we missed the 2nd bin and got nothing. We were still tweaking the program a little in the quarter finals. So 62.5% @ 28 pts and 87.5% 20 points or more.

I was a little rushed in making the last post and want to congratulate 4967 on their chairmans award. Yor guys get it and I wish we had the mentor resources you have. we are all “Tech guys” and need to recruit business guys and others to have the whole FIRST package. We do community service and that kind of thing but we need more mentors to have the real FIRST package. Congrats to all of you that can do the “whole FIRST package” and specifically the excellence in design our partners team 3620 the Average Joes, you anything but average. I ramble on but I am inspired by the FRC teams I see that we try to emulate.