Team 2056 OP Robotics Reveal

Team 2056 is proud to present our machine for this years challenge today at 1pm eastern today on FIRSTCanada Live.

Tune in here to see.


Will a recording be archived? Can’t tune in right now :frowning:


Link to FIRST Canada broadcasts from the past few days. I assume we’ll see the one from today uploaded later.

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Here is a clip of their autos as well.

This robot is amazing and big thanks to 2056 for explaining it.


It may not have had the sick beats or killer cinematography of most reveal videos, but that was one of the most rewarding reveals to watch that I’ve seen. Thank you to the 2056 folks for doing it!


That auto just just absurdly good. Incredible robot 2056!

We’ve been talking about the shooting on the move all season, amazing to see someone actually pull it off in auto.


Love it!

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Absolutely loved this reveal, kudos to the students involved for being so knowledgeable and all their hard work this season.

One day we’ll all get to see it shoot on the move for real.

Amazing reveal! The shooting while moving is really impressive.

Does anyone have a close up of the shooter picture and pneumatic hood? Appreciate it

The variable drop center tho…

Here’s the YouTube archive of the episode:

The 2056 segment starts at around the 1 hour mark.


Is team 2056’s code available somewhere, or are you planning to publicly release code soon?


In the turret portion you mentioned accounting for skew. Most teams I work with, when shooting this year, aimed for the center of the outer port/vision target. Did 2056 use angle relative to the goal to offset the target and aim for the 3pt goal?

They don’t typically release their code and on the stream, I believe one of their members said that they wouldn’t be releasing it this year.

At this time, we do not have plans to release our code or CAD. FRC has evolved over the last decade into much more of a software competition as readily available cots components have become much more common. We feel our software development represents a significant portion of our competitive advantage on the field and we wish to retain that.

If you have any specific questions about the machine or software, feel free to ask.


Wow! Amazing machine. Got a few questions - how much compression did you put on the balls? What are your release angles? And what are the 3 RPMs used for the shooter?

I don’t want to start a fight, but I think openness is important to the mission of FIRST. R15 says “Software and mechanical/electrical designs created before Kickoff are only permitted if the source files (complete information sufficient to produce the design) are available publicly prior to Kickoff.” With 2056’s no-release policy, can we assume you do not re-use any code year over year?


IMO, let’s try and keep this thread to the reveal of their robot Legacy.


Follow the rules?

The answer is absolutely yes unless you have a valid reason to think otherwise

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No problem at all. We often look to our previous years robot code as reference for examples, algorithms, calculations, ways of structuring functionality.

R15 prevents copying large sections of unmodified code over into the control software of the new ROBOT. It doesn’t mean you can’t look at previous years code for reference.

The turret tracking is something we are very proud of and spent a great deal of time developing. When we have another shooting game in the future, we will be sure to look at this years software for reference.