Team 2059's New Website

Here is the newly redesigned website:

I would love some feedback on it. The website is powered by WordPress and is running a custom template I created from scratch. It is designed to have a more media focus layout for this years media award.

Incredibly clean but still very appealing. I love the typeface and simplicity of the banner. It’s very effective and eye catching without being gaudy. Nice work!

Only suggestion I can think of is add more content and maybe a videos page with embedded youtube videos/ interactive media.


In your “about” part of your banner, I am unable to click any drop-downs.

No it is a separate menu system. What browser are you using?

Very nice! We’ve had a link to your site on ours for a while now (in the “Pink Alliance” page). Hope it generates you some traffic.

Don’t Panic! and see you in Raleigh!

IE 8.

*I’m at work and it’s the only one we’re allowed to use - don’t judge. :] *

Thanks. We are hoping to get some new videos out soon.

Thank you can’t wait to see you guys at the NC Regional.

I understand. I just tried it out on IE 8 and it works fine. Some of the graphics are not as nice but that is it. Is the drop down menu on “about” not working?

Yup. Unable to click any of the options.