Team 207 Pre-Championship Robot Showcase

Team 207 has flown in way under the radar for Rebound Rumble, and it’s time to change that up a bit. As usual, all design and manufacturing is done in house.


  • Eight driven wheels
  • Wedgetop tread
  • Center drop
  • Everything forward of four central wheels can be hung off during balancing
  • Four CIMs
  • Capable of mounting the barrier and bridge easily, with a reliable bridge mechanism
  • Able to turn within it’s own footprint


  • Articulating hooded shooter
  • >180 degrees of rotation
  • Capable of scoring on all three baskets
  • Cross field feeding
  • Dual stage pickup; shuts off automatically once filled


  • Capable of shooting baskets
  • Reversible ball pickup for partner feeding


  • Very low center of gravity
  • Takes up less bridge space than most long robots


I remember seeing this thing at L.A., awesome robot guys as usual (hopefully you’ll make it much farther than you did).

BTW, that’s what I call a tank. :yikes:

Thanks! The plexi shields serve double duty in keeping balls away and deflecting any small arms fire we may potentially encounter.

We were quite disappointed that we didn’t end up on your division, good luck!

That’s a beast of a robot for sure! What division are you all in? We are in Curie.

We’re on Curie as well, come and stop by our pit sometime!

Wow I can’t believe no one has posted here yet to congratulate you guys. I was very excited when I saw the Metalcrafters robot being carted to Einstein on Saturday, you guys definitely deserved it. And you guys made it to the finals!

Who knows, maybe if the field had been working correctly you guys could have brought home the gold for California. In any rate, great job guys.:slight_smile:

Thanks for posting! A few teams have been talking about our defense in the Curie thread. Our team is very excited about it, we’ve never made it this far and we’re ecstatic that the hard work we put in during the season is appreciated by people other than ourselves.