Team 2075 Enigma Robotics Presents: Budget

Team 2075 is proud to present our 2022 robot: Budget

Improvements since Muskegon:

  • More reliable climbing mechanism utilizing a telescoping tube design rather than tape measure extenders

  • More robust drivetrain gearboxes with steel gears and shafts

  • Adjustable hood allowing for a much larger shooting area and improved shoot accuracy

  • New limelight mount with higher positioning for less obstructed vision and reduced risk of limelight damage

  • Updated intake now using compliant wheels to intake cargo faster and more reliably

We look forward to competing at the Michigan State Championship!


Can’t wait to see you at states Enigma! Great looking robot!


Can’t wait to see you this week! I’m sad to see the tape measures go though, one of the most creative solutions I’ve personally seen. Glad to see the addition of a hood though. Good luck on Ford!!!

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