Team 2079 Promo Video "FIRST Robotics - Your Chance"
This is a video I just finished promoting FIRST and ALARM (Team 2079) to prospective members. I would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes (it is only 3.5 minutes long) and watch it and tell me what you think. What do you like and what do you not like?

I would say, that’s a pretty awesome video. (You do have a picture of the Green Reapers during alliance selection at Boston :))
I also thought the theme was really cool, “it’s your chance…” is a great way to sum up FIRST in a video

I really liked it; I have a few suggestions however.

It looks like all of your video is interlaced (Wikipedia article).There’s a decent deinterlacing filter built-in to VirtualDub, a free Windows video processing tool.

Also, it seems like to fit the colors you have going on, the inverted FIRST logo would be cool. I’m not going to hotlink you to the picture, but it is hosted from this page on USFIRST under the left hand column as “FIRSTlogoR_color_rev_rgb.jpg”.

Can you get more shots of people? It seemed to be about 80% robot; it would be more interesting to find funny videos–sped-up Cotton Eyed Joe comes to mind. Something the new students will find humor in, just so that they realize we aren’t just a band of nerds going to chess club (which I totally would be cool with, just, it isn’t an accurate description of what we do).

I may try my hand at this, but I don’t think I have very much video. I may go camera-wielding this season, now that I am a college student.

Great video!

Thanks for the input. I was actually looking for a FIRST logo with a black background but couldn’t find it.

I actually do have VirtualDub on my computer, but never really understood what the deinterlace tool is for. Any playback issues seem to be from Vimeo because it seems to work fine when I play my local copy. What would deinterlacing the video do for me?

I only wish I had more shots of people. Our team isn’t all that big and the person behind the camera didn’t spend very much time on them. I like the idea though.