Team 2080 Robot Reveal- Rolling Thunder

This is our 2015 robot “Rolling Thunder”. We’ll be competing at the Georgia Southern Classic Regional and the Bayou Regional.

Robot specs:
-4 Wheel Mecanum Drive
-Uses Andymark RawBox powered by 2 cims to lift crates and bins
-Air cylinder attached to claw to stabilize stack
-Can manipulate trash bins that are knocked over
-Able to flip upside down crates

The claw mechanism in the pictures isn’t the final version as we have updated it since these pictures were taken. If you have any questions or would like to see any more pictures just ask!

Kyle, I don’t think the pictures are public or at least I can’t see them.

Also cannot see the pictures, but will be able to see it in person on Friday!

Sorry about that guys. Don’t know why they wouldn’t show up so I uploaded them to imgur and posted the links in the original post! Also I’ll be posting a link to our reveal video right after I upload it to youtube.

We can’t wait to compete with you guys again. Competing with you guys last year in Florida was a blast!

And also we can’t wait to compete with Spectrum at Bayou, Allen. It’s always a pleasure competing with and against you guys.

Looks extremely light. What’s you weight this year?

It weighs about 115 lbs.

I was hoping someone would pick up RCs by the bottom ring! Cool 'bot!

We actually had no idea we could lol , our driver accidentally picked one up like that during one of our driver practices

Those mecanums are huge! Nice looking robot, I like that you guys went with a dual-pulley type approach instead of using gravity to let the lift down.

See you guys at Bayou in 4 weeks!

Thanks! I really like your team’s robot! I like that your auton is going for the trashcans. We threw that idea around at the beginningof the season but decided to not go for it.

Can’t wait to compete with y’all!!

And as promised here is our reveal video

This wasn’t our final version of the robot as we had put this video together around the beginning or middle of week 5. Once we get to our first competition which is the Georgia Southern Classic Regional I can take updated pictures and upload if anyone would like to see.

How many totes can your lift mechanism hold up?

Excited to see you guys at the Bayou Regional.

It can stack 6 with a can, we prefer moving max 4 at a time if it’s long distance because the back wheels start coming off the floor from all the weight