Team 2102 CAD Release


Been putting this off for a while now, but I suppose it’s better late than never…

Team 2102, Team Paradox, is proud to release the CAD models for our competition and offseason robots!

Our competition robot, Lambda, was our most competitively successful robot to date. Aside from placing second at the San Diego Regional, we ranked 4th after qualifications in the Turing division at the Houston World Championships, making it the first time ever we had advanced to eliminations at the championships. In the offseason, we also won the LA Fleet Week Battleship Blast day 3 miniature competition and made it to the semifinals of San Diego’s Battle at the Border.

We also worked over the summer to design and prototype a second robot, which we then machined and built at the beginning of the school year to compete at Battle at the Border. This robot, ClawkBot, competed under the number 9102 and ultimately advanced to the quarterfinals before it was eliminated.

Here are the specs (and some nice renders!):


Drive base
• 8-wheel West Coast-style, with 4" Colson wheels on the middle 4 wheels and 4" Omni wheels at the corners
• Custom shifting gearboxes with 2 CIMs each give theoretical 15.9 ft/sec high gear and 4 ft/sec low gear
• Power take-off on both high and low gears on gearboxes for climber mechanism

• 775pro and belt driven
• 4" compliant wheels (mix of green and blue on the real thing)
• Arms and wrist actuated pneumatically
• Servos in wrist joint allow the intake to hold horizontal and angled positions for gameplay and store vertically for match start and climbing

• Two-stage cascade-style elevator, 775pro driven
• Chain-driven first stage, rope-driven second stage
• Motion profiling-based height positioning

• Steel hook held by magnets and deployed by two-jointed pneumatically-actuated arm
• Power take-off on drive train drives climber with four CIMs, allowing for a high gear single climb or low gear triple climb
• Side-deployed ramps for triple climb

The CAD of this robot is missing a few things—namely the electronics and the hook for the climber. However, this is the most complete model we have, and the omissions don’t effect understanding of the robot’s functions.

You can view and download the CAD here. The original reveal thread can be found here.


With this robot, we chose to maximize simplicity and minimize size with a robot that would effectively play the switch and exchange, while still allowing us to practice design skills. Ultimately, we managed to eliminate all purchased gearboxes in favor of custom components, and the final product was just 72.4 pounds and had a 20"x20" frame.

Drive Base
• 2x2 wheel configuration (2x6" blue nitrile wheels, 2x6" omni wheels)
• ~16 ft/sec theoretical top speed
• Long configuration single-speed custom gearbox spans entire distance between wheels (the drive train has no belt or chain!)
• 3 CIMs per gearbox

• Arm can swivel a full 180 degrees to intake and outtake on both sides of the robot
• Madtown/Citrus Circuits/Cheesy Poofs-style intake (modified design to function without pneumatics)
• Spring-loaded intake with hand-adjustable holding force
• Each intake arm’s wheels driven through belts by a 775pro motor
• 30x2" silicone rubber flex wheels
• Custom arm gearbox drives an in-bar pulley to turn a custom-machined gear across a custom plate gear to move the arm
• High reduction arm gearbox (7:375) driven by two 775pro motors gives the arm a stall force of over 250 lbs, allowing the robot to right itself if flipped over.

This CAD is nearly identical to the final product, thanks to its simplicity and the extra time we had to design it over the summer.

You can view and download the CAD here. The original reveal thread can be found here.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Team 2102 Presents Our Offseason Robot

Nicely done. I think this will be a great reference for teams. Time to do it all again.


I think this has been swallowed up in the influx of posts due to the imminent game release and the Chief Delphi forum update, but we’d love to get some feedback from others!