Team 2102 progression

Here is what we’ve been up to, still working hard.
Let me know what you think.

I gotta say, I love the way this video is shot and edited, as well as the song selection.

Question: do you guys usually use that laser cutter for production of many final components? If so, what make/model is it and what kinds of wood do you work with?

Great stuff!

Looks awesome! I can’t wait to compete with you guys at Sacramento!

This is our second year using the laser cutter.
Last Year we did use it in the fonal bot with several acrylic gears and random wooden pieces. It is an epilog cutter works pretty well with all acrlylics and most baltic birch

Fantastic Video. The documentation of your shooter prototyping is great! So much love for FIRST. The fact that one can watch another team’s progress and be inspired rather than jealous makes me so happy :slight_smile: