TEAM 2137 Off-Season Event - RoboCat-astrophe - July 22-23 in Oxford, MI

The Oxford RoboCats are hosting an off-season event this summer. Checkout our site: for more info and to sign up!


Will the awards feature the hindquarters of a feline?

Cat as$ trophy…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My apologies in advance for the awful, awful pun.


LOL - You should come to the competition to find out. :grinning:

Only a month to go until the first ever Oxford Off Season Event: RoboCat-astrohpe - Register before July 1st to get the early bird discount!

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I received my volunteer assignment yesterday. I’m looking forward to it.

Are any rule changes being contemplated?

Hi Gary - Any rule changes you recommend will be welcomed. Thankyou for volunteering we look forward to seeing you. I will email you all the ref’s we have assigned so you can discuss with them your ideas.

We only have 10 Teams registered. Would love more teams. We have a lot of volunteers for key roles, we just need the teams!!!
|1|6861|The Tyros Team|Livonia|
|2|2832|The Livonia Warriors|Livonia|
|3|3098|Waterford Robotics|Waterford|
|4|33|Killer Beez|Bloomfield Hills|
|5|302|Lake Orion Dragons|Lake Orion|
|6|2834|Bionic Black Hawks|Bloomfield|
|7|1506|Metal Muscle|Flint|

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