Team 2168 Aluminum Falcons - 2017 Reveal

The Aluminum Falcons are pleased to share with you our 2017 Robot

This season is dedicated to my father, Ghanraj Harrilal, and we are competing in his honor.

This season also marks our 10th anniversary as a team, and were proud to continuously be apart of this program, learn from others, and continue to achieve our goals - the state of mind we have always had!

We will be competing at:

Week 2: NE District- SE Mass
Week 3: MAR District - Bridgewater
Week 4: NE District - Rhode Island
Week 6: NE District Championships

Some Specs:

  • 2 Speed WCP, 8 Wheel WCD drivetrain
  • Flywheel shooter on turret with adjustable hood
  • Gear and boiler vision tracking
  • Active floor Gear intake
  • Active floor fuel intake

Sorry to hear about your father. However, incredible robot guys! Shame we won’t get to play together again :(.

At this point, I’m not even surprised to see this level of performance from you guys.

Wow, a beautiful robot as always from 2168! Your robot is quite literally a work of art.

Can’t wait to compete together at Rhode Island!

Now this is the kind of reveal video that I like.
Portrait vs. landscape flaws and all.
Errors exhibited, team members providing counterweights.

You have that magic combination of gear floor pickup and fuel scoring.

The Aluminum Falcons are a great exemplar of what many “very competent” teams are like.

Even more happy now that I volunteered for Rhode Island.

Hoping to see you in St. Louis.

Gosh darn we don’t have common district events together. Hopefully we’ll see you at DCMP!

Great robot!

Awesome robot guys! I love that floor gear intake and the fact that you can also get gears from the loading station. That turret looks like it has a lot of potential as well!

I can’t wait to compete with you guys at the Rhode Island district event!

Looks fantastic! Super disappointed we won’t be competing with you anytime soon :frowning:

Another phenomenal robot this year guys, can’t wait to compete with you in SE Mass

Another incredible machine from our friends on 2168. You guys will be a strong contender in NE for sure. Looking forward to taking the field together again in Rhode Island!


Brando: It’s always been better with you guys than against you! 2168 teamed with 125 for our first ever significant win at BattleCry, and we can’t forget last year at NE Champs.

This has been and will continue to be a special year for Aluminum Falcons everywhere!

I’m more impressed than ever by our students and mentors, and the entire community here in Groton, CT.

If we could just get our own practice space…

We had a great time working with you guys back in New York City 2012. Can’t wait to play with you again when you come down to MAR for the Bridgewater-Raritan District this year!