Team 2168 presents: Bruhhh

Team 2168: The Aluminum Falcons is proud to present our 2018 FRC Power Up robot, Bruhhh!

We’ll be competing today at NE SE Mass event, next week at the MAR Springside Chestnut Hill Academy event, and the week after at the NE Rhode Island event!

Good luck to all teams this year!!

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Awesome bot! I look forward to seeing it in person in Rhode Island

Looking pretty solid! Love all the intake shots, especially the one where you pick up cubes next to the switch. I noticed the climber hooks but didn’t see a climb in the video, is that on the to-do list before your next event?

The name fits quite nicely. Good job, guys! Looking forward to seeing it in action.

Nice robot.

On the to-do list. We were pretty strapped for time when filming, unfortunately

Nice robot. Nice use of the fuel from last year to prevent someone from getting devastated by the scale plate as well :slight_smile:

No telescoping arm? Seemed like the perfect offseason project – you even lifted the robot with it.

Watched all your elim matches at SE Mass. Loved the way it performed. Another stellar robot, hoping to see it at champs (at this rate, seems likely). Good luck the rest of the season!