Team 217 2010 robot

Here is a video of our 2010 robot. We did things a little different this year.

Ok…I’m confused…

All I got out of this was, no sheet metal, no Paul, and someone with a Wildstang shirt on…:slight_smile:

Where’s the cRIO? And the power distribution board needed to be the provided one; it looked like it was different.

EDIT: Wait a second… That can’t be right…

Haha nice project!

We talked about how with CAN you don’t even need a computer.

So where’s the real robot?

nice try guys that robot wouldnt last 30 seconds in competition even if it passed inspection wheres the real one?

I seem to remember something about 217 ordering unique parts in that 148 How It’s Made video. I assume that was for this year?

What…That is the real one. We are following the KISS principle. Besides we could not make weight so we got rid of the cRIO.

@ the Finger Lakes Regional in a couple of weeks!:smiley:

That’s what hole saws are for…cRIOs…:slight_smile:

This is just their spybot, so they can steal wildstang’s secrets

Thank you, Mike, for the two minutes and thirty seconds of my life that I will never get back.

I’m torn. While I am disapointed that someone has the exact same robot as my team’s, I am happy that we are thinking along the same lines as the ThunderChickens.

Where have I seen this before?

What he said. Can’t wait to see the real thing though!

I think the real question that I never asked Paul directly is…
Do you work “remotely” from Michigan or in Texas?

That would explain a lot.:slight_smile:

<insert rick roll>

I live in Texas and work in Texas.

I like the new robot. Great job guys. Make sure you put the shields on it first.

Actually, my team did remove part of the cRIO last year, because we were just a few ounces overweight. Then later we decided we were underweight and duct-taped some bricks on.

i have a hard time believing that the bot in the video is over 120 lbs

<sarcasm>I am officially scared. Yet another trip to Einstein is in the books for 217 this year.</sarcasm>

And Beatty’s