Team 217 on the News

A few days ago i think it might have been Sunday the thunderchickens were on the channel 4 Detroit news with their robot demonstrating it and telling about this years game. Did anybody else see this or hear about it.

Just wanted to say congratulations and good job at promoting FIRST

And they were in the Detroit News yesterday

Pictures online look a lot better than the printed ones in the paper.

I saw them last week in the Sterling Heights Memorial Day Parade.

Congratulations 217!

I was surprised to see that Paul Copioli wasn’t mentioned, nor Ford Motor Company. It’s to bad things like that happen, but after all it is all about the students.

I would just like to say Paul we all appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into FIRST. You guys have a great team, and “team” is the key word.

Its great how well 217 portrays First and what we do.