Team 217 - The ThunderChickens 2004 Animation

hello all.
ive seen some incredible animations so far posted on streamline and the forums, so i would like to reply with a triumphant:
“we’re just kidding… again”
we took the ‘not completely related to FIRST but humorous and fun to make’ route again. this year we based our animation off our team slogan - ‘engineering new ways to cross the road’
the animation is available at our team web site, specifically the animation section. (web site) (animation)

You make me laugh a second time :slight_smile: Great animation guys, very humorous and it looked great too. Nice Cel Shading w/ the Chickens :slight_smile:

I liked it a lot. It’s simple, gets the point across, and it looks extremely cool. Great job.

In a perfect world, though, the Mechachicken would’ve been hit by a gigantic Mechatruck. :slight_smile:

we considered having it fall off a cliff and get hit by a truck, but we wanted to end on a positive note.

hey, no editing entries.

I love it! :smiley: Now i need to find that old game for atari where the chicken has to cross the road. i really liked the cel shading.

What program[s] did you do that in?

I’ve been excited to see this since the preview screenshots were released.
Very good job-- I love it.

Awesomeness I’d love to see the 2003 animation, but the link from your site isn’t working for me. Lemme know if you still have it on there somewhere.

–Phyz :slight_smile:

haha that animation is awesome. that sort of simple precise story was what we were trying for on 192, and you guys did it amazingly well. i also think the cell shading was a great idea. (and it was funny. which is always a bonus).