Team 2175 Fighting Calculators Two Hatch Sandstorm


Team 2175 is proud to present our robot for the Great Northern Regional.

Special thanks to 3M, Marathon, Harvey Vogel Manufacturing, Phillips Medisize, Hubbard Broadcasting, and all our other sponsors.

Two Hatch Sandstorm:

Complete Rocket:


Looks like we have some work to do. Looks great guys! Can’t wait to see you guys compete!


Holy cow! Minnesota bringing the heat this season!


“that was kind of amazing”

I’d say that’s an accurate description. Looking forward to seeing this in person this weekend! Hopefully from the same side of the glass…


Is this through autonomous or camera driving?


This is through camera driving


How does your hatch mechanism work?


The two wheels on the top of the box simply spin in to intake the hatch and spin out to outtake the hatch