Team 221 Arduino setup and problems

Hello my name is Miguel, I purchase your arduino and have been trying to connect through the side card, we have made different programs and upload it to the arduino, when we enable it the LED is red, I have tried to use the example code that comes in the library and also nothing happens. We are using the router that comes in the kit and DriveStation from your website the chrome app and also the robotopen control that I download it. When we enable the drive station there are any changes to the arduino. We are using the following IP address and also put it as static IP. The set up of the router we used the FRC bridge configuration. Is there certain IP address that I have to use or is there something that I am doing wrong.

We are powering the arduino through the 5V from the sidecard

Thank you very much for your help.


If I remember correctly, our arduino runs natively at Try running everything off of the 10.0.0.XX range

I don’t have much experience with connecting the arduino to a FIRST setup, but you don’t want to power the arduino off just 5v. If you do then the 5v that it is outputting will be lower and the board may be unstable. Their site recommends 7-12v. This is the case for many of their boards.

The OP reached out to us via email…

To reiterate, the default IP of the RobotOpen shield is

This should solve their problem.

How do you set up the router then? Should you try and set the router up like the OpenShield (same IP)?

You can set the router up anyway you want… I usually do a factory reset and leave it to the default setting.

You’ll connect to it’s wifi network, once your computer is talking to the router, then the IP connections between the laptop and shield matter.

My non-technical answer is, don’t mess with the router. :slight_smile: