Team 2214 Robot

We are proud to present our Rookie Robot.

Is it just me or does it seem that the rookies are getting better and better each year?

Props on everything. How does the claw mechanism work? I see a spring or folding type of contraption with the aluminum bars, am I correct?

looks like a scissor lift to me. Very nice robot, and best of luck at your regional!

very nice work!
i think rookies will take over the world soon

It looks like scissor lift than a suction-cup girpper (the “claw” part is probably to aid with tube orientation, and doesn’t appear to be active).

Those look like impressive ramps. are they made out of aluminum honeycomb. im just curious.

What I want to know is how all you teams manage to come in under weight… 1075 can NEVER be underweight by week 6… this year we JUST squeaked it out, and we might even STILL be drilling speed holes at competition. and we dont have anything nearly as heavy as that scissor lift… unless i’m missing something.

Looks like a really nice robot, even more so for a rookie. Looks like it should be a very valuable addition to any team.

I have noticed that scissor lifts seem to be very common among rookie teams. My team tried to make one our rookie year, but it sure doesn’t look as pretty(or as functional) as this one.

Good luck at your first regional.

good looking bot but what’s with the bumpers? Look non-standard to me.

Definitely non-standard. I can see no less than three in that gap on the end of the robot. Standard is two and only two. I guess if those are in the box and don’t cause you to go overweight, you’re OK, but if not, you have some rebuilding to do.