Team #222 - New Robot - New Website

2/18/03 - Team #222, The Tigertrons, have officially released information about the 2003 robot “The Claw”.

Various pictures and a description of our robot can be found on our brand new website (also unveiled 2/18/02) at:

Please either reply to this message or contact us via our guestbook about any questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions about our robot and/or our website.

As the webmaster of Team #222, I would particularly like feedback about our website. :slight_smile:

Well since nobody else posted anything I decided that I should. The Tigertrons are looking forward to compete against your bot in the following regionals: Arizona, Philladelphia and New Jersey.

What do you think of our new robot?
What do you think of the new website?

click-y for pic-y

so did the students do any of it? lol

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i am a third year student on the team and i half built the thing. that is a pic of our engineers and advisors meeting with sponsors at our open house. our robot is built by studens and advisors thank you very much.

Of course its called some of our Sponsers, Teachers, Parents, and Engineers!

The students do 80% of the building, testing, and designing…

See this:

good bot

hahah I LOVE YOUR BOT…there.