Team 222 Tigertrons Recycle Rush


VexPro Single Speed Single Reduction Gearbox.

Infinite stacker
Passive gripper
2 775 motors
VexPro VersaPlanetary Gearboxes



41 x 47 x 65"

Additional pictures and a video of one of our autonomous modes is available on our Facebook page.

Bradley and team - as always, it looks great! Can’t wait to see it run at Mount Olive, see you there!

Looks like another great machine from 222!
Can I ask why you decided to use a 6 CIM drivetrain this year?

We ran 6 cim because we like to run a flat drivetrain and there is quite a bit of scrub with a full load. Plus we like having the additional weight down low. Honestly the robot is geared to be able to run on four cims and may depending on how much non pictured additional features weigh. :eek:

That doesnt look like 111 pounds. Did you include the weight of the “non pictured” features?

Looking good! The fold down portion blends in so well with the frame I couldn’t see it at first!
Also, what are the bottom wheels on your intake? They almost look like super worn down versawheels.

Trust us it’s 111 pounds and that’s after a diet…

No the weight does not include the non pictured features.

The intake wheels are custom grooved Colson wheels.

41x47 inches?
i hope your chasis can transform into a 28x41 so you could actually participate.or you meant 27x41 and everything makes perfect sence

and it looks like a good fork lift.

Guess I didn’t realize how big it is. Looks deceptively light because there isn’t that much structure up high!

I love the solution to meet the transport configuration requirements. Another cool solution from 222!


They posted a picture of transport config on their facebook page.

Here’s a link again: