Team 2220 Blue Twilight's 2013 Recruitment video

Hi there, CD- I know we haven’t formally introduced ourselves yet, but my name is Tony and I’m a part of Eagan, MN’s FRC Team 2220’s Media subteam.

Why am I here? Well, there’s this video that our subteam made that will be shown throughout our school in hopes of recruiting those who respond positively to the video. (And maybe even their friends!).

So! Without further ado, here is the link:

No need to suggest any minute details that may need attending to, especially since the video airs tomorrow so no more edits can be made, but constructive criticism that our subteam can consider as we approach our future videos would be really, REALLY appreciated.

I say this because I hear the opinion of an active CD member is often highly regarded, so… why not? On behalf of Team 2220’s Media subteam, we hope you enjoy the video and support us through thoughtful feedback.

And, if you actually happen to like the video, clicking on the “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons doesn’t hurt, either :slight_smile: It will be a tacit contract that says that we’ll keep getting better if you continue to watch us improve with each newly minted video.

That’s enough from me. See you down in the comments!

–Tony V.
Team 2220
Media & Social

Hi Guys,
Nice Video! I like the way you show different aspects of FIRST Robotics.

I’d do a better job of mic’ing yourselves, it sounds kind of hollow.

Don’t put text up in front of your faces.

Love the interplay between you, and they way you switch off talking.

Keep up the good work.

Really great video although I don’t think the addition of background music near the end added any value to it and was kinda distracting.

@Mike9966 Thank you!

Yeah, we’ve “upgraded” from the point-and-shoot used to record that video since and hopefully this new camera (Nikon D3200) will see more use during and post build season.

Hmm, well it is placed at the end of the video in order to prevent it from distracting the viewer from the meat of the content, unless…?