Team 2231 OnyxTronix - Code realese

Team 2231 Code for the 2019 competition.

The main features we developed last season were:

  • Infostructure changes - We altered the way that we define our components for each subsystem. The main benefit of this change is that we can declare multiple robots (2 in our case) that have the same functionality but different components (i.e. Using Talon instead of Victor).

  • Implemented CTRE Motion Profile using the Pathweaver generator.

  • Took advantage of the CommandGroup to use the full extent of the pitch’s range of motion (180 degrees). The way we implemented it, the pitch can move simultaneously upwards and rotate when it reaches a safe height and a safe angle correspondingly (see

We created a library in which we keep our generic implementations of code extensions (i.e. Checked for duplicated buttons and triggers)

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