Team 2231 Robot Showcase

Hi guys,
Here’s a showcase of our robot for Ultimate Ascent:

We’ll be competing at the Israeli Regional -Mar 10 - Mar 12
Thanks for watching!

Technical Specs
Drive Train:
Kitbot frame costume built as a 6 wheels with a wide configuration
Belt driven 6 6" HiGrip AM wheels with dropped center wheel
Currently 1 Cim per side, seems to work fine with our test, can be changed if we notice any problems at the competition

One wheel 90 degrees curved shooter
6" HiGrip AM wheel powered by 1:1 Cim motor
Can shoot discs reliably from the center line
Angle adjustment by a lead screw, controlled by a vision system according to the place on the field.
4 disc hopper pneumatically feeding discs to the shooter
Feeds from the middle slot of the Feeder station

Very quick automated 10 point hang
Hanger sense when we are touching the pyramid and then hangs, which allows us to “hang with buzzer”
When the hanger is closed we can drive freely under the pyramids
Currently working on a 20 and 30 points hang to be added at the regional

18 point autonomous mode from variable positions

A photo of our robot in a practice during the middle of week 6, before everything was in place, but this just an awesome picture!