Team 225 TechFire Season Wrap Video

Team 225 had our best season ever, winning a competition for the first time in 15 years, winning two creativity awards, winning an Innovation in Control Award, and being a semifinalist at the MAR Championship and a quarter-finalist at the World Championship.

Two of our members, Vicki Rispoli and Beth Rispoli, put together our season wrap video, which you can view here.

Earlier in the season, they also put together our build season video, which you can view here.

Awesome video!
Your robot was absolutely one of the best FCS’s on Newton. My team was genuinely surprised that you were still available in the second round of selections at Newton. Seriously, as the seventh seed selector, I had to think hard about who to select first, you or TechVikes. TechVikes were 8th seed though, so I just picked them first and crossed my fingers that you would be around for the second pick:rolleyes:
I’m glad that your team had such an excellent season and I hope that your success continues into the future.

great video!
congratulations for the great season! :cool:

Great robot, one of the best FCS in the world, and the best robot video songs that exists. I approve :wink:

Why did you decide to use a Macbook Pro as your DS laptop?

It’s our programmer’s computer :]. He is also our driver, so it was an easy option that made sense.

Awesome video! This robot was the robot that caused everyone in MAR to add nets, deflectors, and anything that could (or couldn’t) block a frisbee. Way to shape the field around you! 225 had to always go up against some heavy defense and always played with great class throughout. I really enjoyed getting to know the team this year and can’t wait to see you all again in the future.

When 225 rolled that dinosaur-themed FCS onto the field at Chestnut Hill, mouths literally dropped throughout the building. It wasn’t just the first FCS MAR had seen, it was unbelievably consistent and accurate, leading to scores that were unmatchable by most. Congratulations on winning that event and for all your other successes!