Team 226's Offseason Swerve Release

Team 226 is proud to present our 2019 offseason swerve chassis. We are using 4 Swerve Drive Specialty modules (11.9 ft/s kit) with a PigeonIMU.

We designed 3D printed covers to keep debris out of the modules, as well as to keep grease in. GrabCAD link for the STLs.

Here also is our code release. Some highlights include:

All driving was done at 40% speed due to space constraints. Once we receive our Falcon 500s, we will be replacing all the Neos with them.

Please feel free to ask any questions. Team 226 wishes everyone good luck in Infinite Recharge!


Great work! Is this the first 226 swerve drive in 10 years (since 2010)? Are those 2910 modules or an implementation of the modules Gurish posted a few years ago?

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Ah yes. Looks familiar but I missed the note.

Going into the off-season we had plans to do a fully custom swerve, but due to our shop being unavailable this summer, we chose to go the COTS route.

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