Team 23 Robot Finished!

So after a hard fought 5 week build season (snow storm Nemo prevented us from getting in to the shop for a full week) PNTA is finally finished with its 2013 robot. We set out from the start to build an everyman robot, trying to both climb and shoot effectively. We managed to build a robot that can both shoot 3 pointers from the pyramid and climb for 30 ( :ahh: no matter how much that scares our mentors :ahh: ). Great job this year team!



Much more footage to follow after I can compile it together…

First i saw the climbing video, and immediately thought, “WOW does that have power” after i saw the shooting video, i started hoping that in a month at the boston regional, you choose my team, because you guys will win it all, with that robot

Thanks a lot! Based on your week 4 video on YouTube it looks to me like we could make very good alliance partners.