team 230 website

hey everyone, i’m looking for some feedback on our team’s website, i’ve been working to make it completely up-to-date, with new photos and videos and robot information and…you get the idea. :rolleyes:

we’re looking to include some user-interactive content, which should be up by the end of the build season. if you guys have any comments, positive or negative, constructive criticism would be appreciated!

reply here, i suppose, or you can email/im me - [email protected], or crashxg0ddess on aim. thanks! :smiley:

it’s beautiful, but i’ve noticed two things right off:

Your main image (top frame) is 503 kilobytes, that is about the same size of 20 website pages found in most other websites (for example, if you look at the page info on this forum this whole page will be around 10-20 kilobytes)
The reason it’s that huge is that it is a gif, so my suggestion, only animate the part that needs animation (about the first 200 pixels) and let the rest stay static (so just have two images right next to each other, it’ll look just as it did before, only much less in size)

second is that your first logo was over lapping your navigation (my browser is Firefox 1, officially it’s Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.5) Gecko/20041107 Firefox/1.0. I’m running Windows XP Home, DSL internet)
here’s a link of what it looked like on my screen…

Other than that it looks great.

Wow great job on your website! It seems as though a lot of time went into this website. Great job and keep up the great job. By the way… cool robot design. Cya at nationals…

GO 1403!!!

I really like the banner, it’s like wo-ah it changes.
Nice Job. :smiley:
This is just a random idea- mebbe u could make the menu items the same font as Gael Hawks, u dont need to take the suggestion.

Looks pretty good. :slight_smile: Generally I hate frames sites, but yours works well.

On the team page - there is no link to get back to the main Team page after you click Faculty, Engineers or Students. :-\

I like the top banner, though as said before - its huge.

[Edit: By the way - if you need help editing the top image, I can do it for you.]

wow, thanks for the suggestions! :smiley:

first off, i did indeed split that banner into two images, the animated one and the rest of the banner. thanks for the idea! :o

i also added a new mozilla-compatible version of the site, so if you go to, you’ll get linked to the splash page, and you can choose your resolution or browser. the mozilla version is 1024x768, however…i haven’t made an 800x600 one yet. does anyone think i should?

i’ve added a link to the homepage of the team section on the top menu - there was a link back to that page on the student pages, but now it’s on every page. makes things easier!

the font in the banner is a graphic font, and everything else if verdana - it keeps everything simple, and eliminates the problem of someone not having a funky font used in the site. :slight_smile:

i’m thinking of making the site using php instead of frames, what do ya’ll think? :confused:

thanks again, the feedback is wonderful!!! :smiley:

PHP instead of frames could look cool :slight_smile:

just make the stuff before the info a header file, the stuff after a footer file then require them on each page :slight_smile:

haha, i know how to do php. :smiley: thanks! i’ve never liked frames anyway, they’re easily distorted.

nice. your header is wonderful. you share a url, sorta, with our old site we put a popup on our front page of our old site to ask ppl if they are looking for you guys in case they type .com instead of .org. It will send them to your site if they so choose. we changed our url for this year, so there shouldn’t be any confusion the other way around. good work. :slight_smile:

Just checking. A lot of people don’t think to do it and try to copy and paste or whatever… :slight_smile:

I can’t see the entire left frame however. Theres about 10 pixels on the bottom that is covered. :confused: Looks good though. :slight_smile:

(and in case you were wondering the 1024 x 768 looks good in the resolution I use at home - 1240 x 1024)

Looks really good. Nice fast server too. I only have a couple of tweaks to suggest… 1st off, the banner at the top is a really huge file. You could try using flash for the animation of the students, and then use more slices for the rest of the logo.

I think the resolution selector thing is excessive and not needed. Just send everyone to the 1024x768 version since that is almost identical - the only diffrence I noticed was that the 800x600 version’s banner was smaller. Might not be a bad idea to use that on the main site anyway.

Instead of having an HTML file to redirect, I would reccomend using .htaccess on your server… its faster and the search spiders can follow it far better. What it would look like is something like:
Redirect /

More information can be found all over about it, but heres some sites that explain it pretty well URL=]

Finally, and the simplest of all, I prefer sites that the main table is eaither the size of my browser window, or at least centered in it. Centering it should be fairly easy… hopefully.

Anyway, its all just suggestions, and your site is great as it is. Good luck at the competition. BTW, php is generally better than frames as someone above said, but your site uses the frames very well and I dont think its really a problem.

scuttles back to work on 1523’s website

EDIT: Doh, put .com instead of .org in the redirect

EDIT2: Just noticed that in your link section the link to the first cad libary dosent work because of a couple of spaces put in the url…

well, thanks to lack of communication and people who don’t know what they’re doing, our website was not entered into

i was assistant stage manager for the school play that night, got home at one in the morning, and had no idea that the website deadline wasn’t the robot ship date, much less that night. someone on the team had thought about submitting it, and then figured they would leave it to me, but of course did not attempt to contact me at all.

we’ve emailed first, but they can’t bend the rules, and i’m pretty devastated - i’ve worked hard on this site, only to be let down by someone who wouldn’t step up and help out. waking up in the morning and finding out about that seriously brought on tears.

i guess i’ll just keep the site updated, and wait until next year… :frowning: