Team 233 Looking for an MPLab/C18 Disk @ IRI


233 is looking for anyone going to IRI who has a kit MPLab/C18 disk we can borrow. We’re currently on the road and can’t turn back to get ours. If you haven’t left yet, or you know your team will have one, please PM or email me, or visit our pit at IRI.

Thanks in advance!

-The Pink Team

Team 1528, the iPirates, will be leaving tomorrow and I will make sure that I bring our disk.

If you need it ASAP, I can make a copy as an .iso and send you a download link so that you can burn yourself a copy of the disk.

Team 1739 is also in need of a disc for IRI.

Chris if you could send me an .iso that would be amazing thanks

I sent you a PM with the link. If anyone else wants it just let me know.

Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner. We all just got back from our 20hr-straight car ride.

I just wanted to thank chris31 for getting us the iso and Steve Ketron for offering…Steve we got in late on thurs and I didn’t get by your pit before you left.

You’re both truly gracious professionals.