Team 233 (The Pink Team) Roccobot 2k6 Video Unveiled!

Here is Roccobot 2k6 in action.

Enjoy! :smiley:

Amazing. Very interesting idea of how to get the balls to the shooter, while using the entire collection mechanism as a ball hopper/holder too.

Kinda awesome, i like the drum design a lot!!

I REALLY like the reverse spiral. It looks really cool when all the balls are going up and not down the spiral and then out the cannon of doom! Looks great and I can’t wait to see you guys again at nats!

What’s the range of your shooter?

now that was seriously, no joke, the best hopper/feeder system i’ve seen in the forums. good job. i was cursing to myself.

Another truly excellent(and pink!) robot. I love the spiral hopper, awesome idea, really fantastic, off the charts clever. (My team’s hopper is very similar ;))

Looks like you have a solid autonomous mode along with all the mechanical pieces worked out. Probably also another beefy drive train. Just one question: does the shooter still pan? From the pictures it looked like it did but in the videos you didn’t seem to use that feature.

Brilliant. It’s unusual that I see something on CD that hadn’t come up in our wargaming sessions, but yours clearly qualifies. I’m punishing my son severely for not thinking of this. :slight_smile:

once again, impressive. good luck to all teams facing them!

WoW! Nice Bot. I was impressed with the screw storage. I wondered if anyone would attempt it. You perfected it.
Good luck.

We can shoot balls anywhere starting from the base of the ramp, to about fifteen feet away from that point. We do not have an exact measurement. We will know for sure after our first regional (UCF).

We have the camera programmed to “lock-on” to the green light once it sees it. But if we need to pan the shooter, we can override it, and have our gunner manually control it.

I like it!

Its a very 233 robot :smiley:

Another great robot from the Space Coast! This one definitely goes on my list of robots to hunt down and see in Atlanta.


how to control the ball distance… are you controlling shooter speed or are you changing the angle of the shooter…
either way i am scared…

wow gotta say from what ive seen that drum is a 1 of a kind inovation this year and it works a lot better than i imagined… great work guys!!! cant wait to see you running at boston!!!

We have a set RPM for the shooter, and it sends our balls flying in a parabolic trajectory (an arc). This increases the range we have to sink our balls in, without having a mechanism to manipulate the angle of the shooter. This takes some of the guess work away when it comes to shooting during competitions. :slight_smile:

From the look of your ball collecting mechanism, it would seem as if you’d have a problem picking up two balls that were sitting next to each other as they enter the cutout in your frame, and transition to the single ball width of your helix.

Has this been a problem for you in testing? I know our team and others have been experiencing problems here.

We were worried about that too before we started testing, but actually we havent really had any problems with that. The way we pick up balls is not large enough for two balls to fit in side-by-side… its just large enough for maybe one and a half balls. Just as long as we arent driving too fast, we wont end up eating two balls at once. As one ball is being sucked up, the other one either patiently waits its turn, or it gets squashed underneath the robot as we accidentally run over it. those are just about the only problems we had during testing… that, and rarely, balls will get jammed either at the bottom or the top of the Archemedies Screw (aka the spiral), but that is easily undone with a little pursuasion on the Gunner’s behalf. :slight_smile:

great robot. im surprised my team and i didnt think the spiral hopper up… man o man i really hope ur on our alliance :smiley: :cool:

hey guys! greetings from one of the team members from 522!! see u guys have a nice robot this year, hope to see it sometime! later