Team 2338 Website (

Check out the Oswego Robotics Team’s website. We will be participating in the Midwest Regional as a rookie team. We welcome any comments.

The Oswego FIRST Robotics Web Team

Too much awesome!
The site flows smoothly and the pages load quickly. Big bonuses for that. Perhaps more info on the game? Haha, and poor custodian. Lost agaisnt a robot.

I’m not a big fan of flash websites, but good work!

More contrast in the design may have been better (more colors).

yea flash websites really aren’t the way to go but it looks ok.

Personally i stay as far away as i can purely because they aren’t practical.

Yes, I’m not a big fan of Flash websites (which of course everyone seems to use these days) or any site that gives user resolution recommendations. Otherwise I really like the site, nice work. :slight_smile:

The reason he chose to use flash is that it is truly the best in design quality. While it may be difficult to load for some users, it is worth the sacrifice to look nice and professional.

Very good job for a one man web team.

Also colors can get too contrasted and really hurt the eyes. Gray may be boring, but it doesn’t cause headaches

That’s true, although I’m pretty sure anything can be done in CSS, Flash really just makes it a whole lot easier to do something that’s just as nice. None of that Ajax/Web 2.0 stuff, and almost ubiquitous platform compatibility.
Gotta remember though, Flash was intended as an animation tool.

And of course, some features of websites are ridiculously hard to duplicate in Flash without a backend. Like making one word in a document hyperlink to another document. I still haven’t figured out a good way to do that.

And colours are awesome, don’t diss the rainbow :wink: That is, as long as you choose your colours right!