Team 23396 Hivemind - 2024 Centerstage CAD Release & Portfolio

FTC Team 23396 Hivemind is proud to present our CAD & Engineering Portfolio for our 2024 season.

Won the Think Award and placed 3rd Inspire at our regionals

Our robot was a 12x12 coaxial swerve drive, with horizontal and vertical slides

Please feel free to ask any questions and we’ll answer them :slight_smile:


One of the best porfolios I have seen. Congratulation on your awards!
What tool did you use to create the portfolio? Indesign & Illustrator?


Sorry if this is obvious, but for ftc what advantage does coaxial swerve provide over mechanum, and is that worth the motors used?

I used Figma to design our portfolio, I do web design so I already knew how to use it

More of a design & packaging challenge for us than anything, it provides instant near acceleration and better traction due to not having slip from the mechanum rollers.

To add on to my previous reply, we only use 4 motors, the rotation of the pods is powered by servos with built in analog out so we can get their rotation :slight_smile:

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That’s really cool, never thought of using Figma for Engineering Portfolio