Team 234 Inventor Award Website

Even though the website isn’t required this year, we decided to make one to highlight the various aspects of our robot design.

Hope you enjoy it!

Slick interface. Seriously slick interface. I’m likin’ the overall style and design there. Very nice site. (shudders in fear at own team’s lack of such awesomeness).

All I can say is, I’m glad thats not required, otherwise I’d have no chance against that.

Nice site, nice layout, and nice renders.


B… E… A…utiful. That is and awesome layout. Bravo.

  • starts yelling at web designer,“why didn’t you think of that?!”*]

Simply Amazing website. Simply amazing. I know see why your team has been winning the website award since 2004! Keep up the good work!

Awesome, A bit too much reading for me to read it all, but a great layout. There is no doubt about it.

:smiley: GREAT SITE :smiley:

I really love seeing 234 at BMR and how well their team is organized, a true inspiration to rookies

Awesome! Love the layout!