Team 2342 Teaser??

What do you think??


how will you turn with the grip so wide?

or is that your arm thing?

It looks great. Always nice to see belt drives, and well enclosed at that. The lightening efforts pay off in looks alone. Very sharp.

What method do you use to couple the pulleys and shafts together?

These are front wheels, the back will be low friction. The wheel dimensions are only 4" high and 2" wide. The lightening holes reduced the weight of each rail from 5.5lbs to 2.6 lbs, oh yes they do look pretty good too, thanks. We are using live shafts with full length keyways to align and lock all components to the shaft.::ouch::

Last year we ran super long belts that ran thru a maze of pulleys and idlers to run our 6 wheel drive. This year we have 4 wheel drive and are running two belts per side. On short one is connecting the gearbox to the traction wheel (pictured) the other is connecting the front wheel to the rear wheel (also pictured, but not obvious).

Thanks for the comments.:smiley: