Team 2363 pickup arm mounted on drivetrain and catapult prototype

The drivetrain is assembled and functional. The pickup arm is mounted and works great, both gathering and ejecting.

Drivetrain and pickup video.

Catapult prototype is scoring consistently. Ready for conversion to competition hardware.

Catapult video.

Looking good. The ball rolls in and out of the intake very smoothly!

We figured out that if we put the pickup to a cylinder, 1 position is a pickup, and the other stores it but can also touch the ball if its in the chassis just enough to roll it out. No jolt and movement required for rolling the ball out. Just an idea to pass along

Yep. The position of the ball when in the shooter determines if the stowed arm can kick it back out.

It looks great guys! Well done!!

I’m seeing two cylinders… a small stroke one. What is it for? Keeping the ball in position?

The starting angle of the catapult cylinder causes the arm to want to push down. The small cylinder pushes the arm up past the pivot point to start the throw.

That is what myself and the rest of my team likes to call a ‘wheels-on-top’ ball intake system. But, since we’re currently putting a focus on finalizing our shooter, we have yet to come up with a method of deployment for our intake. The designs for our two systems are very similar and I know we have the tools, tubing, and other supplies to make that happen.

Thank you so much and good luck in your competitions! :wink: