Team 237 Mentor Passes

Team 237 had one of it’s long time mentors pass away Friday. Ray Hebert Sr was with the team before I got there. He was the ultimate behind the scenes guy. He worked every day in the metals shop, passing along his skills to the students.

We miss you Ray.

Sorry to hear about your loss.
We just found out that one of our grant mentoree passed away today also.

That is the sign of a great mentor. I hope there is another person to step in and continue his job, because that is one job that is never done.

Rest in Peace Ray Hebert Sr. You will be missed by all the people whose lives you have touched.

I am sorry for your loss, and will keep his family in my thoughts.

Sorry to hear about your team member too.

Yes, Ray will be greatly missed. He had been on our team for many years, 8 atleast, I can’t remember exactly when he started helping out it’s been so long. He was a retired machinist. He was one of the first to show up every night and had last attended Thursday night’s meeting before passing away suddenly Friday. His shoes will be tough to fill.