Team 2383 Ninjineers - 2 Cube Auto, 1.5 Cube Cross

2 Cube Auto in SFR Finals 2

1.5 Cube Auto in SFR Finals 1

This wouldn’t have been possible without Jaci’s Pathfinder, Oblarg’s Drivetrain paper, and the ever-present snippets of gold that dot ChiefDelphi. As a team with a handful of controls students, and no controls mentor, I applaud those who made the effort to share the answers to questions I didn’t even know how to ask.

Theres still a healthy amount of velocity left in our drivetrain, and seconds to be shaved on these autos…

I was thinking about you folks last night as we were putting away the awesome takeout box you gave us in Palmetto.

Good work on the auto!

Thank you marshall! Congrats on the creativity award at UNC Pembroke, hoping our paths cross again in Houston.

It was great to see you all do so well in Palmetto and SFR! Can’t wait to see you next week in South Florida! Hope we get a chance to run autos together :slight_smile:

I watched your robot compete last week and was very impressed with all the improvement you guys had made since Palmetto. Fantastic job and I hope we will meet again soon!

You guys killed it last weekend. I’m just sad we won’t get to play with you or even see your robot in person this year.

Best of luck at South Half-champs!