Team 2383 - Week 3 teaser!

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Have a happy rest of build season!!
Team 2383: The Ninjineers

Yeee, robot

Hey, what happened to the container?

But yeah, I like the use of the shadow in the background. Cool.

I saw the shadow on the wall… no upper supports? If you have weight left, adding some kind of can support could be good.

Love the teaser, very well done.

Meanwhile behind the camera is a bunch of kids stacking totes and sliding the forward xD

We do have supports going up to the height limit (Hard to see in the shadow) which end up holding a can on top of six totes. Anything past that and the supports no longer hold the can. Of course I doubt that we will be stacking anything more then six :smiley:

What purpose does the duck serve?



Shh, don’t tell.

A 10… Tote… Stack…
This is quite the accomplishment.
Great job! Very Impressive!

Yes, rules are for squares.

I meant I couldn’t see anything more than 2’ off the ground in the way of support at all. No need to be testy.

Please keep it civil. A constructive question, even if delivered in ignorance, deserves a constructive answer.

Sorry I dropped this