Team 2403 - Reveal Video - 2014

We had such a great build season this year and we are happy with the results.

Here is this years reveal video:

Our Website:

We are all very excited to see everyone’s robot. We hope to see some amazing robots at the Arizona and Las Vegas regional this year. Good Luck at the competition!

That’s an interesting intake design, is the tubing polycord?

How well does it handle varying size balls? It seemed like yours was pretty deflated.

Yes it is very different. We like it because it has several useful factors; It picks up fast, We catch with it, and that we are able to store another ball in it.

The ball you see in the video was pumped up to full right before the video was shot but we have a very small leak. That is why it is deflated in the video slightly.

For tolerance on ball size, it can pick up full sized and deflated balls. That is one more useful factor, the fact that the arms are angled allowing us to pick any size ball. Different size balls just cause a different location where it grabs.

Some other useful facts.

We replicated our tough boxes from last year making us the same speed of 9 ft /s.
We have three different shots: Trust, 1 point, and full.
We have a fully automated aim bot that aligns everything for us.
We can catch our own trust shots.
We can shoot anywhere from 5 to around 9 ft away.
The tubing we use for our shooter is thick walled surgical tubing.
When we move from one end of the field to the other we lift up our pickup to securely travel across the field.
We have a multi ball autonomous.
We pass and control our ball with our pickup.
We can make a 1 point shot with the pick up.

If you have any other questions just ask!