Team 241: The Movie

Hello FIRST Universe!

This year, on top of my General Manager Duties, I also documented the entire build season for the team in order ot make a a full length promotional film to help spread the word about FIRST and our team. The film is currently airing on our local access channels, has been mailed to all our current and future sponsors, and will be shown to all potential team members

All of the feed back from the general public, our school, and our team has been very positive but i would also like some feed back from the general FIRST population

What do you think of the film over all?

Does the film portray our team and FIRST correctly?

What aspects of FIRST do you think could have been highlighted more?

Has your team done anything like this? if so, what style of film (documentary style, commercial, other) did you take? Did you bring in outside people or did your team do it themselves?

What else could I do with this film to help promote our team?

any other feed back would be greatly appreciated

few other notes: for time purposes the film could only contain build season and competition.I was not able to include any of our fund raising events, recruitment, training, or anything else like that. The whole movie took about 8 months to put together. I worked primarily alone on the camera work and the editing and had help with the music.

any other questions i will answer

And here is the film(broken into pieces to fit on youtube properly)

I’ll post the 3rd and 4th part as soon as they are on youtube, which should be with in the hour

Part 3

And the Stunning Conclusion

You have some great things in the video but there are a few things I didnt like.

I’m not sure how the sound is on other versions of the video, but the you tube version the volumes werent balanced. When people were being interviewed it was very soft, then when the narrator or music came in it was REALLY loud. This really bothered me, i had to keep changing volumes to keep it decent.

Now is a little picky but when the narrator stumbles on words i would recommend rerecording it. Its not a big deal but it was something that I was always very picky about when I made videos.

I really liked the content you had in the video. It explained the game and the challenges of building the robot very well.

The sound is MUCH better in the DVD version

and yeah the narration is a bit stumbled i had 40 minutes to narrate the entire video to have it ready for my dead line

thanks for the feed back

I thought the sound would be better in the real version, and the stumbles arent a big deal, just something I always liked to fix.

I thought of another thing, if you are sending this to potential sponsors I would recommend some type of short version. Often times, people wont have enough time to sit and watch a ~40 minute video. Those who are interested will appreciate the longer version with more information, so it is good that you have that. If you dont want to make a shorter version, or dont want to, just make a “home” screen on the dvd, and let the viewer pick what section to watch, or watch the whole thing. Lets face it, kickoff/build season isnt the most interesting thing to those not involved in FIRST.

i hate to do this but i only got 1 thing of feed back so i will have to bump it, please people i could really use some feed back

Dan -

I second the opinion that, as good as your masterpiece is in its entirety, it would be real nice to have a 5 minute “marketing” version as well.

  • Mr. K.

once i get my macbook pro, ill have us that

Here, as promised, is the rough edit of the 10 minute version of the documentary, please give feed back! understand that i did not have access to all my raw footage, all i had was a DVD of the full movie and iMovie to cut it up and paste it back together

I don’t know it was kinda boring, which is hard to say it needs to pop more, because when you lose the audiences attention then there is no point in showing the movie.