Team 2410 - 2017 Robot and Swerve Code

Here is the code for Team 2410’s 2017 Robot, Silver. This was one of the most successful robots we’ve built as it won the Iowa Regional this year (shoutout to our teammates 5690 and 4613) and that allowed us to compete in worlds for the first time in 5 years.
Our robot used the Andymark Swerve-n-Steer modules this year which we found worked quite well when we used the analog encoders. Here is the code for the Swerve Drivetrain by itself:
Here is the code for our whole robot last year:

Other noteworthy features within our code:

  • Pigeon Navigation board used for field-oriented driving
  • Vision processing using GRIP on the driver station
  • Climber auto shutoff when current is too high, suggesting it hit the touchpad
  • Autonomous systems that lined up with the pegs using the vision

If you have any questions (or critiques) about our code, feel free to let me know.