Team 2412: Business Report

Team 2412: 2020 Business Report

This year has been FANTASTIC for the Robototes’ Business Team, with over 500% increase in membership, we were able to accomplish a lot more.

Team 2412 Business Plan


The Robototes’ Silent Action: This year we held our first annual silent auction, which brought in over $4000 in profit! This was a great project during the off season for our business members to get introduced to the team and be a part of our first fundraiser.

December Sale: Our team hosted a December sale which ended up being a great learning experience for our team, allowing us to better focus our team efforts for projects moving forward.

Business Plan: Our teams third ever business plan through the build season, and it helped us win the entrepreneurship award at Glacier Peak.

General Fundraising: Our business team met or exceeded nearly every one of our fundraising goals, more than doubling last years efforts.

Future Goals

  1. Develop more lessons/guides for new members interested in business

  2. Continue to increase connection with current and future sponsors

  3. Develop a source of income that also directly supports the mission of FIRST

Feedback is always appreciated! If you have any questions either, please feel free to ask away. :slight_smile:


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