Team 2412 Presents Project: Overtime

See it on RoadRunner in Cheney!


Just when I think I’ve seen every crazy climber design possible, something new comes out.


Design is clean and works smoothly, I do wonder however cause wouldn’t that go over the max height?


Yes, yes it does

See the linked Q & A. also where were the Q&A trolls to alert us of this smh


This is the brilliant part. Height limits stop applying at the buzzer (see the linked Q&A). The entire climb is done after disable.


read the end of the post, project overtime

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bruh tristan

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Oh so this command runs on disable, never thought of doing something like that. My opinion changed from that’s cool to that’s genius

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It’s tricky to do something like that because safety features force all motors to 0 voltage and all pneumatics to a default state on disable. So to trigger something at some point after disable, the robot (I assume) switches a motor from brake mode to coast mode, which is not part of the safety features.

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System is armed while enabled with one solenoid and then triggered on the disable with another solenoid.


Have you tried this with bumpers on? It looks like it will be touching the carpet.

How are you actuating the lift off the ground?

What’s doing the pull-up after the extension?

Bringing back memories of those tape measures in 2002. Woodie thought they were just too cool, so they had to be legal.

Way outside the box. Not beating the buzzer, just beating those green lights at T+5.


That was the first attempt. Stronger springs arrive tomorrow to both extend the arm and lift the robot faster, and hopefully higher, but that’s just a mechanical adjustment.

2 very long gas springs.


How are you planning to line up for this?

Intake just touching the truss I think. One of the students checked it in Solidworks.


Seems this will need care to avoid impaling an alliance partner that is already hanging.


Was this tested with bumpers? Looks like you’d be touching the ground still.

The missing detail in this question is that it doesn’t specify that the extension enables the hang.

Q167 getting the answer from Q154 pretty much rules this illegal.

Cool accomplishment, but based on these Q and As I’d say this is not a climb that counts for points.


This statement does not mean that an overextension will impact hangar points, these two statements are mutually exclusive. Digging through the manual I cant find anything that would nullify the points awarded.

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